Rules of accomodations in the Maua Rio Hostel


Attention: when finishing your reservation contract, the guest agrees to all terms listed below


1- Lodging will be guaranteed only after pre- payment of the daily rates at the check-in desk;

2- At the check-in desk, the guest shall present his/hers ID card, valid in the national territory, or his/her passport, and duly filled out the Hostel identification paper;

3 – Reservations negotiated through site or e-mail will be guaranteed after the deposit of the agreed rate within 24 hours;

4 – We offer bath towels for hire, which can be hired at reception. It is charged the amount of R $ 20.00.

5 - The Hostel provides luggage space for free. We also provide locks for a Twenty Reais deposit. This amount will be refunded when the lock is returned;

6 – Bed linen is offered for free and will be changed every seven days after the check-in registration;

7 - The Hostel reserves the right to ask guests showing bad behavior to leave the establishment.  It is considered bad behavior- to show up drunk, take reproachable attitudes, act aggressively or disrespect the employees, break the Hostel rules, act rudely, and damage or harm equipment of the establishment;

8 –  It is strictly forbidden:

a- To smoke inside any room or common area of the Hostel;

b- To walk on by the Hostel areas wearing lingerie or bedroom clothing;

c- Bring in or make use of illegal drugs inside the Hostel;

d- To carry weapons of any kind inside the Hostel;

e- To engage in intimate relations in the common areas or in the shared bedrooms.

9 – In case of damages or losses caused to the Hostel equipment, they must be refunded immediately by the guest;

10 – People that do not make part of the guests list are not allowed to stay in the Hostel premises.

11 – Pets are not allowed.

12 – Breakfast is included in the daily rates from 8am to 10am.

13 - From 7am to 11am, the kitchen will be used only by the employees for the breakfast preparation.

14 – In Rio de Janeiro, there is the Antismoking Law, which prohibits to smoke inside all commercial establishments, even in their external areas, and it must be observed in the Hostels as well.

15 – In Rio de Janeiro, there is also the Law of Silence, which must be respected between 10pm and 7am, in the external and inner areas.

16 – All guests signing this contract will also agree on giving all image rights to the Hostel.

17 – For your security, the Hostel uses cameras 24 hours a day in its common areas.

18 – Children ten years of age and older will be allowed when accompanied by a legally responsible adult, duly identified, and accommodated in a private bedroom.

19 – Any break of the hotel rules must be immediately notified to the reception, so that measures can be taken for the enforcement of such rules.


Check-in and check-out:

- Day rates start at 2pm. In case of room vacancy, we will charge a half day rate if a guest wants to anticipate the check-in, in up until 5 hrs.

- The check-out must be observed up until noon – 12 pm -, independently of the check-in time. If the guest wants to extend the check-out up to 5 hours, a half day rate will be charged, and only if there is rooms or beds availability.

- If the guest wants to extend his stay, a previous notification is asked to be made and this will depend on the availability of rooms and beds.


Reservation Rules, Cancellation and No Show

The reservation is confirmed only when the deposit is made within the Hostel stipulated period of time.  Every and each reservation registered in the Maua Rio Hostel will submit to the conditions herein specified, and the validity of such reservation will depend on the acknowledgement and acceptance of these rules.



-   Minimum 15 days in advance – credit for accommodation on a different date to be arranged or refund of the value paid, minus 20 percent  for the cancellation fee.

-  Minimum 7 days in advance – credit for accommodation on a different date to be arranged or refund of the value paid, minus 50 percent for the cancellation fee.

- Less than 7 days in advance or “no show” – no refund will be made.


Lost Property Office

Any object found in the Hostel area will be saved for up to 30 days. After this period, if there isn`t anyone claiming it, the Hostel reserves the right to give the most convenient disposal of it at its own criteria.


 Social Behavior Rules

- Avoid to make noise in common areas after 10pm.

- After 11pm, do not turn on the light in your room.

-  Consumption of alcoholic drinks, beverages or food in the rooms, is not allowed.

- We suggest that the guests label all meals saved in the shared refrigerator.

- We kindly ask you to dispose, at the appropriate dispenser, any food left in the refrigerator before you leave.

-  Hang up clothing and towels to dry only at the specific hangers of the Hostel.

- In order to preserve hygiene, we ask you to not use sleeping bags over the beds or the bed without the appropriate linen.

- The guest shall maintain its belongings well organized, not exposing them all over the room or on top of beds of other guests.

- The guest must keep valuable belongings in his/her individual closet. We are not responsible for lost objects.

- Clean up your tableware immediately after its use.






From the Mauá Rio Hostel you will get to the main touristic attractions of the Marvelous City by public transportation in just about 30 minutes, such as the Corcovado (Christ, the Redeemer), the Sugar Loaf, the Maracanã Stadium, the Sambodromo, Lapa´s Bohemian District,  in addition to the famous Copacabana Beach.

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